Technical Service Supervisor - Plant

Your challenge!

Job Responsibilities

Business Objectives Alignment

Achieve the objectives in his department's business strategy

Help develop and roll out an operational strategy in line with his department's business strategy

Operational Excellence

Maximize his department's operational efficiency and optimize resources

Ensure compliance with standardized best practices (SLA, mandate acceptance, project management processes, etc.) in all his unit's areas of activity

Support his department's continuous improvement initiatives

Promote a synergy of resources (internal/external)

Provide sound financial management in his department and maximize the return on assets under his responsibility

Human Resources

Design and implement a talent development and succession strategy in his department in collaboration with Human Resources

Ensure that the work flow and job structure are tailored to his department's needs

Manage and engage employees based on Cascades' values and business strategy

Health & Safety

Participate in developing and implementing an OHS culture in which OHS is recognized as a value

Insist on and create a safe and healthy work environment for all department employees

Promote sound occupational health and safety management

Personally commit to and display strong leadership in health and safety

Corporate Responsibility and Governance

Make sure governance rules are followed and social responsibilities are carried out

Ensure the sustainable and responsible development of his department

Insist on ethical conduct and uphold the values underlying Cascades' corporate culture

Client Focused and Innovation

Ensure client satisfaction in line with our service offer

Keep a watch on best practices and new technologies and share them within the organization

Help his unit achieve its innovation objectives

Propose innovative solutions so as to create value

Provide technical assistance to clients and business partners

Additional responsibilities

Core competencies defined for this job


Continuous improvement

Flexibility and ability to adapt

Managerial courage

Planning and organizing

Team leadership


Desired experience

Technical competencies

Additional information

Don't Be Fooled

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